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Hey, everyone wants to be productive,this can be easily achieved by following simple 7 sutras , or 7 simple techniques to say in other words , but proper implementation can only be done once you understand them , take it seriously this will help you a lot in your future life , to be precisely I reduced my daily workloads of 12 hours to minimal of 6 hours , super planning

So let’s jump in



Prep/plan for next-


Plan for next 24 hours what you want to do don’t over exaggerate write really what you are ,really are capable to do.Make a battle plan for example if you are preparing for a exam then write down  number of day left,topics and calculate accordingly. Then decide for day have a mental atitude what can I go today so that I can move one step closer to my Goal.

Spend 60 min every day at night on planning for tomorrow





The time required to complete a task always expands to fill the time-alotted. If you give yourself 30 days to do something, you are going to do it 30 days , maybe les but i would say try to guess as correct as you can that is when you start judging your self, and see if there is any improvement or you need improvement, b ut nerver ever exceed the time bar.So always under promise so that you can over deliver if time left.

1.People usually know to complete work but don’t know when to stop do allot time for timepass  and chill out.

2.And off course time when you need to go to work, and study or may be when to daily chores.


Pareto’s law

Famous law around the world it states that input should be 20 and output should be 80 also know as 80/20 rule.

To be super efficient divide your tasks into 4 types 

  • A-Important and urgent  
  • B-Not Important But urgent
  • C-important but not urgent
  • D-Not important ant not urgent!      

Analyse this task list focus on only important and stay adaptive and flexible for list tasks, consider time as an asset and money , so think if you’re going to spend 5 hours to save 5 bucks , it’s not worth it don’t you think.

I would say if you are outsourcing your job , you get a better result so that you can focus on core jobs meaning jobs A and job B from above and C and D should be outsourced like lawn cutting get a kid give him 5 bucks and get the job done , don’t waste time on it.


Pomodoro law

This law stated that takes 4 to 5 min break between 25-30 min session.

But I would recommend 60 to 90 min session as sometimes it hard to set the tempo,especially in studies.So the purpose behind this is to feel that time is short to complete tasks so you run after them.

This law especially applies to student and office IT worker , have you continuously worked for 3 hours 2 hours , yes so what was your concentration level at the end, you were doing but not doing , there were many thoughts roaming in your mind, Yes? When will exam end? or today is Friday, I am going for the trip tomorrow?

These is due to lack of concentration and you know the worst part of it, it can keep you somersaulting for hours, don’t get it?

Example:- you are working and a thought strikes you , listen to next conversation between mind and you:— Today is Friday, I am going to sleep till 8 am in the morning? Wait let’s go for a drive tomorrow? Yeah, maybe we ill go to a beach or a hill? Yeah but the place should have lots of food?But I like Chinese? Is Chinese way better than Italian? DO you know why Italian sucks?……

See that’s what I am talking about you are still in office and it’s 8 am Friday , Friday has just started but see you huh?


Power nap

the key thing is to get your brain in fresh and healthy condition so that you remain ultra productive.

getting a nap is extremely necessary during  12 to 4 pm a small 30-60 min nap is enough to release your stress and make you fresh more that than will make you sleepy and doze during the day.

You will think this an old people problem but actually, science has proven it to improve your working skill, development of IQ and improvement of moods. See that why babies sleep a lot and enjoy life a lot!



You should be creative and must enjoy everything and every moment of your life.

Like I said you must feel and enjoy the moment and always be surprised by nature and its might.Even though you don’t like a thing say to mind before doing it I like it 3-4 times and do it and see the miracle.Be creative in studies and enjoy after all.

Try something cool , do you remember the proverb “fake it , to make it” unless you at least try to fake happiness you will not get happy and afterwards you will see you are really happy and not faking out. Well, the playfulness it the same concept I want you to do , play a game,watch sports in group theater or hall but together and feel the thrill. See and don’t think yourself as a fool , there is great difference between childishness and playfulness, you take that into consideration, just change your viewpoint that all I ask,


Position/postulate/posture/purpose Change

Don’t do same thing over a day or for long times have same change in between small  chunks of work 

Doing the same thing, again and again, will bore you to stop it be flexible and adaptive like I said in the first point.

Well, you got this one, changing position just gives you a change in feel , just like when you get bored try this one , it will surely help you out.


This tips will surely help you.Be productive If you like it please comment below and subscribe to my newsletter.

Ultra man signing out/

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