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Top 7 tech apps that you must have to increase your Productivity Phenomenally ,And yes they are most free to use.All you need is Google App store and An Android Phone and you are all set to be insanely productive. but for that first we need to understand what means productivity then only we can increase it and apply technology to assist us in most time consuming or difficult jobs.


According to Wikipedia Productivity means

The state or quality of being productive,It can be expressed as the ratio of output to inputs used in the production process, i.e. output per unit of input.

So actually how much input or effort you’re taking to carry out the Job Is called Productivity.

There is 80-20 rule you might heard it before, it implies when we do 20 % work or give input to a system we should get 80% output from system or else it not even close to be efficient , this rule is commonly used in Industrial Engineering

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Timely-300x178If you’re just like me, suffering from  habit of snoozing  alarms for hours before waking up, then you are in need of this app.What this app does is ,it allows different combinations like solving a puzzle,doing some maths ,etc.Imagine what will happen if you try to snooze of your alarm and suddenly it says to solve a problem to switch off the alarm.Just the same happens here, the alarm will not switch off till you solve a problem (It’s not easy) and yes its sound like hell and you can’t even switch off till the problem is done.Not really cool but super efficient in waking person up.

Notes and task list:-(Evernote)

android-search-button-300x188You might have heard and even used this app by now,but most of the people don’t know how to use it? Damn.It used to take short notes
or task list which can be shared with others to help you the complete task.The main purpose of this app is to set a reminder of important appoints or making a task list that can be used by family to share loads or it is used my business people to stay updated with their asistants.But there are other cool things too ,like converting a Business card data to the digital – phone ,address scanning QR code , most of its features are free and you can upload like 2 GB of your workloads to their servers , the paid version does come with offline access and  some more space to store your data but i don;t think an average person has any reason to buy paid version .



Planning is an essential task we have to do to be super optimistic,but what do most people do in name of planning plan too much , don’t make the schedule too tight always leave some time for extra’s and task completion . I have a habit of leaving an Hour after 3-4 hours just to fit everything in but you can experiment and find out what exactly are variable factors in your planning and then take a hunch. And yes don’t over exaggerate, do things that are doable for a common man in same time .These apps make you get organized make notes and events planning for days,weeks,months or year respective. there is an app I highly recommend. If you are student named ” My student Life” same functioning but more comprehensively made for students.I also recommend app too but it’s can be used in more general sense no specific profession limitation.

Effectivity & Execution:-(Time tracker))

Time-tracker-app-153x300Most of the times, we plan a lot and never complete our schedule on time and we keep on repeating same mistakes again and again. At the juncture, we need to guide to assist exactly where we are losing time and what is actually affecting our working.Hence, We need a time recording app which can give us summary at the end of the day how productive or efficient we are in our life.  Time tracker gives you perspective on exactly what you are doing and where your lagging. If you are a student  there is an even better app  called study checker to check exactly how much time your spending on completing homework and how much actually you are studying.

Assistance and coordination:-(Assistant))

Assistant-300x188Once again another great app named assistant to guide you in your daily task ,it is nothing less than Jarvis in Ironman movie.She could pinpoint your location,give you updates, wake you up in the morning and even chat with you in free time.I usually use a virtual assistant as a second person reminder for an important task.And I think you should really have this app for more hands free job for most basic jobs like accessing today’s or tomorrow’s weather of your city , or setting reminders to high priority jobs as she can speak , she can warn you through voice way before you are in trouble.


Office data and syncing apps:-(Google))

gmail-app-169x300 Google-Drive-300x267 Wps-office-300x169Indeed, if you are a student or an office person or even a common man need to sometimes sync data with its PC and what he does? He uses Bluetooth or nowadays Share it or Xender, those apps are way more time consuming.Always have  cloud syncing account like Onedrive,Google Drive,Box Sync or even Box sync will do as they sync data in background no need to keep phone or pc on and being in cloud they can be accessed from anywhere . Important and constant sharing application data should always be shared within this drive,they should be used keep backups and maintain the version of files system ,Like Git repository.

Indeed, if you don’t want to waste a lot of time in opening up laptop for simple day to day tasks always use a smartphone.I would highly recommend emails  office stuff done during Bus and public transport travel.All you need is Gmail or your mail client app along with Office for a smartphone to open ppt,etc on the phone.I would highly recommend WPS office app as it offers simple it elegant design to work with.

Typing and automation apps:-(IFTTT))

Swift-Keyboard-300x178You won’t even notice you spend most of your digital typing things on keyboard or touch screen if you are really spending 3/4 time typing what you need to do then you need a right typing tool.Swift key is just for you provides Fast swappable and Typing on the keyboard without finger lifting or, in other words, slide typing.I highly recommend it to increase your typing speed as  swipe typing can be done easily and it can very very accurately predict words and stores your previous type that even when you type in different language according to pronunciation in some other language ; it remembers and  learns that words all, thanks to Artificial intelligence.

IFTTT-android-2-300x246Another nice app that will you provide automation in life is [ If this then That] App or IFTTT it provide automation to such a level that even can tweet and write Facebook posts on your behave .If is free to use and a must app if need to be super productive , i won’t need to tell you regarding this app go to site and explore endless possibilities for automating mechanical jobs.

And I one more I would suggest to you (The pocket) app ,this by far most useful, haveThepocket-300x185 you ever been through important  interesting content during web browsing or reading that you need to read ,but at the same time you need to do another job assigned for that time.This app used for such scenarios where it stores all the information and links so that you can read it later.Very useful Tool. , i use it very often we spend most of our time on internet and on google so we really need this app to help us remember things , yes bookmarking else will work , but who knows when you bookmarked it or for what purpose or even I don’t even care opening bookmarks as i have bookmarked so much content the list becomes long and among and then the link you are searching is so hidden in other stuff that you can’t get to it.SO you might think of using pocket , brilliant solution

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I hope you like this post and if you follow and use these apps I guarantee you would, at least, improve your productivity by 40%.

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