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What is Tor project?Should we use?


So now a trending subject oon web security forums is what is Tor??  And why to use it? Well So Tor is Network of web servers,proxies and relay devices around the world.What they do?They are mainly used to act like anonymous person on web.The Tor network comprise of  .onion like …

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Best apps for Photo Editing


Photo editing on Android is still in the stages where you can do only the most basic edits. However, apps are coming out all the time that add more and more functionality and mobile photographers have more options than ever before when it comes to editing photos on your Android …

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Top 4: Web Image editor


Online: Web Image Editing Image editing nowadays has become profession as well as a common thing for everyday user to edit nature images or wildlife photography, marriage ceremonies and simple animated images, but actually people want to do all this stuff free and don’t want the bulk to be on …

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7 p Sutras to be Superproductive!


Being super productive Hey, everyone wants to be productive,this can be easily achieved by following simple 7 sutras , or 7 simple techniques to say in other words , but proper implementation can only be done once you understand them , take it seriously this will help you a lot in …

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