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Life hacking formulas for Diys Experiments!

Perfect clothes for comfortable hassle free Air travel


Everyone gets to travel at least once in the lifetime by plane, and this plane travel can be very stressful and inconvenient for some people. This post is just an opinion about clothes based on my ten airline journey and six international travel experiences. Everyone’s style or mindset may vary, but there …

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How to run long distances! Best Beginner’s guide


How to run long distance without losing stamina The best cardio workout you can have in the world is running, yeah not even cross training or a cycling can beat it. Indeed running long distances is nothing but maintenance of speed yet not getting tired for a long period of …

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How to make custom tshirts!


Hey guy, we are all wear  those Nike,Adidas,etc, brands, we want to look young and most of all unique in terms of all aspects including clothing. A person unconsciously or consciously interprets mindset of a person through clothing , so i thought to share with you the art to shirt …

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Why linux is used for Hacking??


Hacking? Why Linux is used for hacking? Today’s computer,mobile devices, smartphone run on the operating system and as the devices are getting more and more digital risk for hacking is increasing day by day, nowadays fridge, watches,tv’s are becoming digital . I wouldn’t be amused if one day a toaster …

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7 p Sutras to be Superproductive!


Being super productive Hey, everyone wants to be productive,this can be easily achieved by following simple 7 sutras , or 7 simple techniques to say in other words , but proper implementation can only be done once you understand them , take it seriously this will help you a lot in …

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