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How to send large files over internet for free?


The time in this world has come, where no one carries pen drive with them. Instead, most of us use email or cloud storage for file transfer. But then there are dropbacks for emails like Gmail uses a file limit of 25 MB. And sending data through the cloud can sometimes …

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how to install lamp server on debian?


How to install lamp server on Debian? Step by step guide Debian is a Distribution along with its unique flavors wheeze,etc but all have the same architecture running in the background.You might see that most of the server these days run on Debian instead of ubuntu, still the scenario is …

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Be Linux Termial Expert in Top 10 simple commands


How to use Linux terminal? Top 10 basic commands The world is getting more and more inclined towards technology , the Internet, and computers and as a matter of fact most of the internet and applicative industrial computers along with a great increase in Desktop computer for Linux.And to get acquaintance with Linux …

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