Vaping with mods has been more enriching experience especially when new hardware and software is coming on the market. Ahh, one of the mods I enjoyed was Alien 220w B. As soon as I came across an article stating update, yes, now is the time to update.  I finished update as shown on Smok official update page.

But it didn’t work. The mod was restarting continuously and because of that, there was also battery problem,(unable to hold the charge). Maybe restarting software every minute drains the battery too much.

Fortunately, there were 2 people on Reddit thanks to user wtfgodmode who initially wrote the article and further improvised to 100 percent working method by chojinwolfblade.I am posting the link at the end of the article.

So who so ever wrote the article on Smok original website did it completely wrong and that is the only reason mods restarting and having battery issues after the update.

So how to update it correctly, how to fix Alien vape mod after update 1.0.3?

Step one:- Connection

Screenshot-92_LI-289x300I personally don’t like removing batteries, if you go to alien’s settings, download and choose yes to the firmware update, and like any other method hold the trigger until the whole process is complete you should be able to put the mod in the update mode. You will also need to download the programming software.Click here.

After putting the device in update mode, open the software on desktop and then plug in the USB cord. After which hit connect in the software that you just downloaded. It should say “Connected”, if not check if the USB cord is working fine.

Step two:- Erasing the device

Screenshot-96-300x117Tick mark erase in the options located at the bottom and click Start. This will successfully erase the device.

Step three:- Configuring the device

Screenshot-94-240x300This is where Reddit post helps. What originally was written in the official Smok was wrong, according to tried and tested method, go to config button on software.

Do as shown in the image.

  1. Set Clocksource to Internal
  2. Brown line voltage to 2.5 v
  3. Data flash ticked with the base address of 14400. 
  4. And click OK.

At bottom again this time untick erase option and tick config option and hit Start.

Step four:- Programming the device

To program the device now,

Click Aprom and load the file located in the same folder where programming software was extracted. Right 1.0.3 firmware.

At the bottom of software untick all options except aprom, and hit Start. After completion yay, we have done it.

Just remove the hand off the fire bar and then enjoy the new software.

Thanks and credits to wtfgodmode and chojinwolfblade for the Reddit article.

Smok Alien keeps turning off after vb1.0.3 update from electronic_cigarette

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