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Hello people,

Most Of you use the computer on a daily basis and at least once you had a thought in your mind ;Why not learn to code ? But what programming languages to choose and where can I get started ? How to learn coding? Yes, Fortunately, you have landed on right page.

If you have no  experience or a little exposure to  writing programming? Application? or Web Software? For such queries  you first need to classify which category you need to choose before starting it or what guideline must be used for choosing a language are listed below

Field of Programming

Whether you want to start your Coder career with aWeb Programming

  • Computer Application Development
  • Microcontroller or Embedded Designing
  • Cloud Computing (Usually never)

Based on that categories I have listed top Programing Languages that you must try on as a Beginner.

Web Programming

HTMLIf you want to start with web programming language as a beginner , you first need to learn it’s basics ; Yeah I mean HTML or (Hypertext Markup Language) and yes you need to do this  language so thoroughly that you are going to need it in almost everywhere Web programming Language experience in ALL Futures .All you need is a text editor and browser and your set to start coding.

If you are thinking to start with a dynamic programming language like Variable and so stuff(Algorithms,etc) for The Web then you need to Learn PHP or (PHP Hypertext

bd2_6f5_636_330-1-originalPrograming). It is Absolute Programming Language that you must learn Before Learning Any Dynamic Programming Langauge for  The Web especially if you  planning to use Ruby Or any Advance coding languages  available on the web .And don’t think that PHP has no power even great sites like Facebook,Twitter  is coded on this platform and even big blogging Platform like WordPress are still  coded on it.All you need is apache server and text editor .You can download whole server replica on your PC using a Software named Xammp Click Here .

Computer Application 

If you are planning to start with your programming career with computer application based coding, then I would definitely suggest you start With

  • Python

pythonlogoYou might have thought I would have suggested  C as a primary language but no .I have personally tested both and the easiest do far to start with is python, as it’s code, is readable in natural English tongue and it helps you t build the logic of programming and improves understanding and analyzation power.If you are though with this you can learn any programming languages in few hours.The best IDE to start with would IDLE ide for python.

  • C Language

c-progC has been there for  a long time even before python if you want to learn through  traditional methods  and in Future  you are quickly jumping to C# or C  then try this first.The only con of this language is you are hard acquaintance with it fast and it is relatively hard for you to learn logic and code readability as a greenhorn is very low. But I learnt it this way so it shouldn’t be too problematic to start with this kind of language.A normal text editor and GCC compiler which is prebuilt there are some custom ide’s available on the internet to download you can surely google them out

Microcontroller and embedded coding

If you are really planning to start coding with chips then don’t use assembly. you will get F*** up in between . First, try using C that too for AVR is my true advice. According to my experience the best way to learn microcontroller coding would be to start with Arduino and the move to new microcontroller and embedded C. If you want to start with Assembly you can but the problem is you must first learn machine language like how to address memory banks with specific 4 letter codes and then adding and subtracting binaries, etc operations on binary and the biggest problem I have ever faced in my life is debugging Assembly very nasty piece of business if you are running complex programs and web based programming.I would suggest for C Microcontroller programming Get Arduino IDE and its development boards or Avr studio from Atmel and their development board.

If you don’t know what Arduino is Click below

Explaining Arduino; Diy Boards

Cloud Computing

linuxAt last cloud computing and it really is a very  challenging task. You first need to clear very basics about all the above-mentioned topics and on top of  that all the server mostly run on Linux for that I made separate coding category , here you need  more Linux Bash scripting and management of combined programs of different programming languages . I think for that you need to start from Linux computing and then move to other software code processing languages like C and python scripting for servers as the can be easily achieved once you have mastered Linux but if you go another way round then the main problem arises as interfacing web and backend appson and then you will google solution and solve the problem and then face another once trust me first learn Linux coding.. if you are running windows you need to learn to code for source resource file or just old school C will also do and so on but that is usually not the case.And off course to code, you need a Linux PC.LOL.


This ends the discussion of How to start coding , I think till now have got a good sense of the language of programming  and be sure to google up for some pdf and video’s to kickstart learning; before decide which language to start with but according to me most of the people will say the same thing.

You might be thinking where to learn to program well most of it could be found on codeacademy.com

And I wish you a very Good Luck


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