Hey guy, we are all wear  those Nike,Adidas,etc, brands, we want to look young and most of all unique in terms of all aspects including clothing. A person unconsciously or consciously interprets mindset of a person through clothing , so i thought to share with you the art to shirt printing and how it is done.

Decide what to print??

tshirt-300x300First of all decide what you want to print,if you want a photo to print make sure that colour of your t shirt and colour of photo are not same,because if so ,only texture will appear and nothing is seen,and the important part for best results use max contrast and beautiful colours as much as possible!

If you want to print a design ,make a proper design with enough spacing and most of all trying less complex design it may so happen as clothing being a fabric cannot sustain complexity for that you need embroidery so try simple ones.

Key points to remember

  • Fabric is possible should be cotton ,if nylon handle with care
  • DOn’t try intricate and complex pattern on shirt then might get mixed up and shades may seem
  • Keep correct spacing between the figures or images and if possible avoid using one image over other



How to print??

After getting desire photo or design, print it mirrored on one of those transfer paper(freezer/photo paper will also do).Well there are two varieties light transfer paper and dark transfer paper,for light and dark fabric respectively and then choose desired temperature suitable for different fabrics,if you go full heat on polyester you will burn it rather then print on it,so choose correct temperatures and of course no steam!


Keyponits to remember

  • Don’t heat iron too hot and try not to hold of iron on image at a point more than 2-3 seconds
  • While iron use no steam and press the paper firmly without any sliding
  • During the process the paper should be clipped or stapled to fabric and firm stiff ironing must be done.
  • All parts fabric to be ironed and frequent use tip of iron be made for ironing
  • Set temperature not only according to fabric but paper you are using , if possible use freeze paper or photo paper on lt for best result
  • While printing set max contrast and print as dark image as you can!
  • After than print mirrored image on transfer paper and let ink dry for about 10 min,then


Lets print!!YEAH!

tshirt-vinyl-transferAfter than take the image and carefully pull back paper on transfer paper and then place it facing  shirt!After All you want to print on t-shirt not iron,then place another paper on image and press it with a little hard fashion and with some strokes when done remove Paper!

Note:- align paper properly.




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