How to open Adfly link in india!



How to open link in India.
How to open link in India.

It one of the main problem all Indians or most Asian countries  face, As per Indian government issued sanction links are banned.But the world we live in, most people outside India use link shortener as it pays more than any other link shortening service pays.

[ alert-success]Solution in Tor Network![/alert-success]If you Don’t Know What Tor is click here.


Method 1 : – Tor NetworkMany people don’t know about Tor.Tor is Network of interlinked computer nodes, mainly used to be anonymous on the web.It Is mainly used to access Dark Internet.So actually, this is the hack.By using Tor Network Your are untraceable to internet provider or in others way to put almost impossible for any government To see actually what you are doing on the internet in our case browsing.

Note: – By using Tor Network, we are not breaking any law of land, or misuse technology right.

If you still not sure what Tor is you can check this here for better understanding.Click here.

SO Now give  it try you may download Tor Browser from Download Here.

Method 2 :- Vpn

Use of VPN or virtual private network is totally legal in all countries, although they cost quite a lot of a money from our pockets there is are free ones too.

Unfortunately, free one’s come with less bandwidth and speed but they are pretty good for web browsing and especially, to open common sites including link shortening services page.

Method 3 :- Vps

VPS or virtual private server, are usually used to host websites like this, or application or private computting purpose.But in simple terms it is just another computer localed far away in server banks and you control is remotely.And these one are never never free the cheapest and best one you can find in the market are Ovh solution

Click here for vps guide

they cost about 3.45$, decent cost.

Method 4:- Proxy 

This is unreliable method and may or maynot work in your case.I donnot recommend it to do sensitive stuff, but still there is some website which gives you proxy URL just like a normal URL but it makes website owner and internet to think that you are browsing from another place.Like if you use proxy URL of U.S server it will make think the internet that you are browsing from America, it has some glib chest, still are ways based on your IP to trace you a so not perfect method to browse.

From all the given info I would recommend using Tor it is bested safest and absolutely error free method to do sensitive stuff.So If you still don’t know Tor Click Here.

Good Luck.Happy


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