how to run long distances

How to run long distance without losing stamina

The best cardio workout you can have in the world is running, yeah not even cross training or a cycling can beat it. Indeed running long distances is nothing but maintenance of speed yet not getting tired for a long period of time. In other words to say stamina. To maintain stamina in long-distance running there are few things that you need to consider

Foot strike

I have seen a lot of people landing wrongly on the ground , especially the noise maker(Flapper) what you must have in mind never land on the heel because over the period of week or two you are going to feel pain, running down from your bottom kneecap to ankle . Landing on toes is relatively easier and better but it’s not for long distance the muscle over there is just not able to handle that much stress.


So the correct way to land on the ground :- Is to have a mid-foot strike, meaning not literally midfoot but yes somewhat away from heel where the in front of the cavity is located in your food, this will first reduce your stamina skill drastically but it improves your strength later endlessly.  If you are facing a problem to land midfoot first trying jumping at one place the place you find is midfoot and then remember while running you must be slightly  inclined forward so as to get midfoot but in such a way that you can still see the horizon and chest is up .

Breathing technique

Breathing is the most crucial step in maintaining stamina, understand this concept carefully, stamina is not mere controlling of breath but most of all controlling of the body for better energy usage rate. Most of the people try to control the breathing and over that exhalation , and eventually the go deeper and deeper and at one point just can’t control it, that point is “No running point”NRP .

The proper way to improve stamina is to see controlling your inhalation instead of exhalation.Experiment while running, inhalation gives your chest cavity and leg movement a stability whereas exhalation reduces that stability.


To maintain stamina inhale slowly and exhale fast , while running slow, try first 3:2 ratio of inhalation to exhalation, I am not saying you to do step breathing but continuous breathing with time interval in required ratio,when running a little faster when  you feel like your out of breath  don’t give up try 2:1 breathing and when you are not able go for any further with that breathing go for 2:1:1:1:1 till end point of NPR in 5 steps.This process will elongate your time interval to reach NPR late.

Treadmill vs road running

road-runing-300x118If  it’s not easy for you at first running long distances on road, no problem everyone goes through this face, it’s genuie so what you must try is running on the treadmill.You will find ,it’s easier to run on treadmill than road ,as on road running you are pushing your self forward whereas on treadmill the belt is already running, you just need to  maintain pace, try to have at least  1 minute at start , if you want to know the pace of treadmill I would suggest try from 8 and go up to 9 when comfortable with 9 try increasing time to up 15 minutes and your final goal should be run at minimum 10 to about 12 pace for at least for 15 minutes treadmil.In this process as soon as you touch 9 pace and 3 minutes try running with a buddy ,d you will see phenomenal increase in  stamina.


practise-runing-300x225When you start running from level Zero till you reach 15 minutes non-stop running, you will have some or other kind of pain.This depends on that person.The way to reduce its impact is proper practising schedule .For starters when you are increasing running distance never increase distance more than 15% for below 10 miles a week when you cross barrier of 10 miles running per week then slow that increment pace to 10%-8% a week, not more than.In case you feel exhausted by the body then wait a few seconds, walk for few feet and then start over but continue your daily target.Note:- Tf you feel drowsy or weak, stop the workout and walk the way home, after reaching first thing to do is have some glucose pushed up in your body and relax.

I think best time interval training for the beginner would be 10 minutes running 5 minutes walk to cool then and then again repeat, for first 10 miles a week training and then you can reduce the period of rest or increase running distance.

Muscle recovery

muscle-recovery-300x144If your running that much distance every day you need to have some or other sort of protein in your diet, I would recommend 2 whole Eggs minimum after running or whey protein(Veg) 20gm and at least of 150gm of chicken/fish/paneer a day. This will help you reduce your pain, increase your stamina and muscle growth vigorously.

Along with after running schedule, i would recommend you a glass of lemonade or vitamin C tablets 1000mg a day because it will help you reduce cramps and drain lactic acid produced in the body during a heavy workout.

Nutrition and supplements

When you start running long distance there is a lot of wear and tear of muscles and to recover from that body needs proper nutrition.Remember if it pains for continuous 3 days at a single place in body,you should probably rest because recovery might not as fast as damage during running , this happens usually at the beginning where people give up.As said before body needs protein to recover and you must at least eat 150gm of meat and 25-35 gm protein from other sources.

Balanced diet

If it pains continues for few days and seems like muscle pan, especially under the knee cap and shin bone, then you are need of calcium as  per scientific research you must at least have 600mg to 1000mg calcium per day , this requirement can be easily meet through 2-3 whole glass of milk, but if you have any allergy to milk or dairy products you can go for shell calcium along with D3 tablets for quicker absorption.

Joint pain is rare in this exercise but if you are going through it and as I said more that 3 days continuous at a single point then body is deficient of omega-3 and for that I would recommend Cord liver oil tablets, but a fish will also do, try eating fish alternate days, this helps in better performance.



At last, the key to succeeding at anything   is motivation , try to figure  your limit, Do you know the

US NAVY SEAL RULE:- When your mind says I can’t do it anymore then you have reached 40% of your body’s capacity and you still got 60% yet to be used.

Always find out your limit and push it as far as you can, along with that I would say if you like music try using headphones during running this will help you in rhythmic breathing as a reference point . And never forgot you are born runner those legs for made for more than walking.

Last but not the least

Tips and tricks

  • Always remember to see at the horizon and pull chest up and forwards this will help you with the posture
  • Never eat too much before running not go empty stomach,eat a fruit or an egg , avoid high starchy simple carbohydrates and almost never pump sugar and glucose in body , it will cause saccharine rush meaning high energy level at first and then sudden low energy level for a lot of periods
  • Being calm and stable from mind and body is good practice , try to focus on breathing it will act as meditating agent and help you run even more distance, and yes don’t forget to do rhythmic breathing .
  • Always set and target or you won’t know what actually you are capable of, use time or distance as a guideline.
  • Be positive and energetic during exercise for better results
  • This is totally optional but if you like music or not able to do rhythmic breathing try having music in headphones with beats and synchronise your breathing with that music

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Be a good runner, and share this post if you rhymed with you!I think now you must be very clear how to run long distances?

Good luck.




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