The time in this world has come, where no one carries pen drive with them. Instead, most of us use email or cloud storage for file transfer.

But then there are dropbacks for emails like Gmail uses a file limit of 25 MB. And sending data through the cloud can sometimes limit us from sending big files as we might run out of space plus we have to delete the file after sending and syncing is completed. SO the best way to

SO the best way to send to send large files over internet might be

Method 1:-professional automated sharing options in market


This provider allows up to 2 GB of data transfer.  There is an option to save the data file for up to 20 days of time, and there is no need for account creation too, just go to their site upload file,  send the user the link from the We Transfer site itself and your set to go. We transfer also offers encryption option in case you want to send private data with password protect feature.


The MailBigFile company is same as We Transfer, but the only drop back they have is they do not have encryption support, so no password protected files. They store data file up to 10 days , and you can directly mail the link to end-user from the company file upload website itself. But only 20 downloads per file are allowed.


MEGA is reputable file storage company of New Zealand. They give up to 50 GB of free space after you have created a free account. You cannot directly send the link, though; you have to upload the file to create a link, then copy the link and send it with Gmail or other email service provider to the user. Then only the user can download data from the link. There is no limit for time to store data or any download limit. So having large space might just be the best thing.


Drop Send is one of my favorite companies to send data to someone. They offer 4GB of space for free account with AES 256 bit encryption with password protection. And the best part is you don’t have to download any software to decrypt or encrypt the file. But there is a catch to this service, like mailbigfiles only five files per month are allowed to get transferred. So this service might just be okay for the casual computer user.


This company was first named as Bit torrent sync now named as Ressilo. This company has the fastest data transfer feed. To use this service you have to download and install their software. For the free account, they offer only P2p, one device to another device file transfer, not more than one. But the epic thing is there is no limitation of data you can transfer, unlimited data transfer no matter how big the files are. And the storage data period can be set for months. There is no built-in the option of encryption, but you can upload encrypted file and decrypt it after transfer with other software. Also, their is no download limit.

Method 2 creates a torrent:-

torrentCreation of torrent to share data is not recommended, but in many cases, you might think of using it. First, you need to create a torrent and let it upload and seed. After you have seeded the file, you need to send the torrent link to the one who needs to download the file. He can then torrent the link using torrent clients to download the file. During this whole process download, you are not allowed to close the computer that is seeding data as then the data transfer will stop. After the file is transferred, you can shut down the PC,  Note if no one is seeding the file, the file is off the torrent internet and no one can download it.

Method 3:- Creation of FTP

transfer-large-files-300x224 FTP stands for file transfer protocol. It usually used on the server. You can turn the computer you are transferring data to, into FTP server. Yes, the process is pretty hard for Windows and Mac clients, but for Linux, it is manageably easy. But if you follow the process of creation, you should be able to create FTP server. Just search YouTube for the creation of FTP server and follow the steps. After creation of FTP server download, install and use a FTP client to transfer data onto the FTP server computer based on IP address and port.



  1. Seems you missed out a great file sharing service – JumboMail 🙂
    With JumboMail you can send files up to 5GB for free and up to 20GB in total.
    You also have a download page with online previewing, so you can view the files online before downloading them.
    Check them out –

  2. Hey Harsh, you should also add MyAirBridge ( With this online service you can send up to 20 GB totally for free, without any registration and with the highest possible encryption during the transfer.

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