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Blogs are nowadays most viral subject, but What are the most basic fundamental criteria’s to start a blog.Well, blog means nothing but sharing  idea’s.Literally just telling others what you know.And for the that the bare basic thing which you need is an idea.

Definition of blog as per Wikipedia

 A blog  is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first).

So what actually you need to start a blog?

[alert-success]An idea to start what your blogging[/alert-success]

idea to start a blogSo it may seem bit odd, but the key thing to start your blog is an idea.According to all great personalities that have been successful, the only thing that made them successful was an idea. This the most crucial part as when your blogging lets say a year, you will spend that much time, effort and money on it.And that will be the most basic fundamental criteria for your brand naming and reputation.It’s obvious if you are going to blog about as an example about health, you first must know all the details about your topic and then should be able to communicate it to your viewer.This, in general, is idea,


[alert-success]Domain name Selection?[/alert-success]

How to choose domain name to start a blogIn this world to be known, the first and foremost thing to recognise you is your name, Domain name is the same thing, the name of your website.The URL or Web address you put in the web browser.If you’re not done with your idea never think about this step as, the subject of the blog must match to your name.SO first decide the topic of blogging in other words niche and then the most prominent keyword of your blog or the purpose of the blog and this should be present as an element in your domain name.

I would recommend HostGator for domain name starting just from 99 rupees or 1$.I have posted link below go to domain name section.


[alert-success]Hosting for the website?[/alert-success]

Web hosting to start a blogNow by far you would have got domain name situated in your mind and I am assuming you would have a pretty decent Idea regarding the website, now once your domain name is selected, you need a hosting for the website.Meaning consider a product you have decided the name of the product but you still need a wrapper to pack your product in.Just same is hosting for the domain.I would recommend a without any dough Hostgator as it gives service like no one else, with support 24/7 live chat and fast high-speed systems. Here I have posted shortened link of HostGator.Please go and check rated.You to host your sited on free hosting but they are not reliable and are most of the time down.If you intend to earn money your site should be hundred percent uptime and work.


[alert-success]Content management system[/alert-success]

content management system : Start a blogNow like a product, you have everything name(domain name) , wrapping(hosting) but still product indigent is missing, here comes content management system, it is nothing but s software which when installed on your web hosting server you can comfortable write blog post without any coding unless you want to screw your head.SO there are numerous CMS available in marketing namely according to my preferential order

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Wix

I would highly recommend WordPress due to modern easy to use interface  numerous plugins and add-ons and best awesome theme to choose from

[alert-success]Content for blogging[/alert-success]

content for blogging to start a blogYeah  here comes the main part from which your blog will truly be recognised the product to say.The content you should write only  specific to your niche.With full simple language, people without any hassle should be able to understand what you’re trying to say.But the most important part of writing a blog post is it should relevant to the subject and your own opinion like a mirror should be reflected in clear straight sharp words with as much love and care as possible.



These are few steps you need to know before you start bloging if you have any query regarding the post, please post below I would be happy to answer the query.

Have a nice day and start blogging.



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