Latest Raspberry pi 3 are out!Should you buy it


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The Raspberry pi foundation has yesterday just released their new board raspberry pi #.Awesome.Although raspberry pi zero a board also from the raspberry pi foundation was released at the start of this year id currently unavailable due to unprecedented demand, where it sold on eBay for 45$ from the retail price of 5$.If you don’t know about Raspberry pi Zero-click here.Cheapest computer ever!Tiny Computer for 5$

Yet another pi board rasp pi 3 has new stunning features running at about 1.2GHz Armv8 processor which is pretty fast and latest in current arms chips of Broadcom BCM2837.It has a Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity meaning even new Smart devices can connect to it and there is no need for backward compatible devices.Blazing fast Bluetooth.

But the graphics that you use to suck on raspberry pi are new improves with the new video chip running at about 400Mhz faster of all raspberry pi  but stunning new feature they added is wifi connectivity which was not available to any pi before!They also updated its Open Gl driver.The most used operating systems Android and Linux and quiet good and operational on Raspberry Pi .

Rather than that all other features of raspberry pi 3 are related to Raspberry  pi B 1 Gb ram, ethernet port and HDMI connector, micro Sd card and so on.The really interesting thing about Raspberry pi3 is appeared relatively small elegant and cost 35$ from manufacturer and sold at 45$.

Sure no one’s gonna get it soon.As raspberry pi, zero just-just got out of stock from each e-commerce site so will be Raspberry pi3.But keep trying you might get one at about 60$.Just imagining.

Anyway if anyone finds them soon on any site post below or I will just look out myself.

I am posting all the comparisons about pi’s below, have a look!

Raspberry pi Specs

According to me after having deep look into what you are getting,how you are getting if you are very crazy about Raspberry pi then Pi 3 is for you or if you are a wifi developer or an app developer who need faster speeds for app then it is for you other than that According to me there is no difference between pi B and pi3 so , I  would recommend it .

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