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How to Learn Coding | Fastest Start for Beginners

Learn How to code ! And how to start the journey of coding! Hello people, Most Of you use the computer on a daily basis and at least once you had a thought in your mind ;Why not learn to code ? But what programming languages to choose and where …

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7 Tech apps:Gigantically increase Your Productivity

Apps to increase Productivity | Everyone should have Top 7 tech apps that you must have to increase your Productivity Phenomenally ,And yes they are most free to use.All you need is Google App store and An Android Phone and you are all set to be insanely productive. but for …

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Best technique ever.Root phone without PC.

One Touch Android Root Hello there, So a lot of people nowadays don’t get time to be on PC and go through tedious hard steps to get a phone rooted. If you don’t know what rooting a phone is According to Wikipedia Rooting is the process of allowing users of …

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How to Start Blog?

DIY How to Start a Blog Hello there, Blogs are today most viral subject, but What are the most basic fundamental criteria’s to start a blog.Well, blog means nothing but sharing  ideas.Literally just telling others what you know.And for the that ; the bare basic thing which you need is an …

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Ultimate 5 highest paying URL shortner(Expert advice)

Best Url Shortener Review and conclusion Hello there guys, When you are posting links on Whatsapp, facebook,tweeter there is a way where you can legitimately earn from those link.Whenever you are having large amount links you might be usually preferring to shorten them using or instead what  can …

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Root any android phone in one click!

Actually, I installed lollipop firmware on my Micromax Canvas gold and for it, i used TWRP recovery and ROM manager.Anyways for a proper functioning of ROM, we need to root android or in Linux terms be a super user.This is 100% safe and has high success rate!Don’t go for android …

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