Best clothes are air travel
Best clothes are airtravel

Everyone gets to travel at least once in the lifetime by plane, and this plane travel can be very stressful and inconvenient for some people. This post is just an opinion about clothes based on my ten airline journey and six international travel experiences. Everyone’s style or mindset may vary, but there are some common traits that we should think before wearing anything.

Convenience for trip

In journey wearing the most useful and lightweight, clothes might be the best bet. For that make a list of things that you need to carry with you. Example wallet, mobile, handkerchief, etc. Based on it categorize your clothes. If You are taking four items with you a pant with four pockets is more than enough, if more than that, a jacket with pockets in essential. And the best fabric that suits your skin.

Fabric and metal in clothes

If your flight is long, you don’t want bulky clothes on you or very light clothes that will make you feel cold in airplanes.  I think the cotton’s best choice for such conditions. It absorbs the sweat in hot conditions and provides a shield in cold weather, although all your journey it’s going to be cold and air conditioned.

Also metal has become a significant issue for clothing nowadays as airline laws have become more strict. In case you’re wearing a jacket with a metal chain just avoid it as during boarding check you have to remove it, which is soo troublesome if you have connected flights, especially in international travel. You have to do it every single time. But T-shirt and inner garments are okay if they have metal buttons or something. Just don’t go too metallic on non-removable items.

Shoes and socks

As I discussed before, for fast security check, I recommended you to wear a loafer. They are comfortable and wearing on and off is just so fast. And nowadays you get stylish loafer that looks exactly like sports shoes and are is also robust and sturdy. I think you should not wear sandals.As far as socks go, I recommend ankle socks only as if you wear long socks there is less breathing space for your legs for long flights. But no socks for loafer is a bad idea as you don’t want to roam barefoot on airport floor right.

Shirts and pants

These are one of the crucial parts of your dress. For the top torso, I suggest a simple V or round neck t-shirt or a t-shirt avoid wearing a shirt, because if in journey if you come across any sharp object they can be torn apart more easily, although it’s all up to you. In pants, if you want to carry many things, I think a multi-pocket pant/jacket/hoodie would be a good option. In pants, I suggest cotton or polyester mix jogger pants or track pants as they are better for handling and wearing. They also give you more free space and are stretchable. Denim jeans or casual pants are okay, but due to tight fitting and heavy fabric, I don’t recommend you to wear that, so jogger or track pants are an excellent choice.

Jackets, Hoodies, and extra carrying items

These items are optional but are recommended to any traveler. It’s always a good practice to check the weather of destination place before arriving at that place. If it is going to rain, a jacket with rain protection is a nice thing to carry. Also in winter bringing a hoodie with you is a nice an idea. If you are carrying anything like passport which needs extra protection you might just decide to use a separate pouch or bag. I think that you should be avoiding it; Efficient practice is to use items that serve more than one purpose. In this case, if you are wearing a hoodie, use the front pockets to store items like this. And I do suggest a hoodie with no zip. Other than I don’t think there is any need for carrying extra items.

Things to avoid

Try avoiding anything metal on the body, avoid belts or belt phone case. In the things mentioned just now, the convenience stands a higher chance, but I do suggest to avoid these items. If you have a habit of carrying a pen in your top T-shirt pocket, please relocate it to your carry-on luggage or personal item. And I think any other item not listed on this post should be kept in the personal or carry on luggage, e.g., – glass, etc. The only exception is the handkerchief, you might need it for the journey, and it’s a good practice to carry it in your pant pockets.

If you use all the tips on this post, I think you are definitely going to travel hassle-free and quickly. You don’t need to remove any clothes or related item in boarding checks, and you are going to travel comfortably and efficiently.


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