Top 10 wordpress plugin you ought to have.

Hey, Guys,Wordpress has become a huge blogging success software and to keep up with sites on the internet ,all we need to for is to understand the basics of WordPress CMS(Content Management system ) And Plugins are crucial Part of it.

SO Lets jump in!

  • all-in-one-seoAll in  one SEO pack:- It is the holy grail for WordPress website as it optimizes your search engine results specifically targeted to keywords and posts you create.It includes    Search Engine optimisation setting, Social media , XML sitemap creator,Bad bot detector, editing .htacess file and most of all performance setting , this plugin extremely comes in handy during every post writing for setting up keywords meta take for keyword optimisation along with snippet preview which shows how your website will look on Google with title.
  • jetpackJet pack:- Yes you may call it second holly grail as it combines its power from and to give you optimal site performance.It has social share widgets,performance booster,site status option where you can check site views and traffic source analytics,different CSS styling options,like buttons and much more, I would like to say if all in one SEO is king then jetpack is queen, everyone should definitely have Jetpacks and most useful of all jetpack feature is it’s photon fast Image loading.


  • google-analytics-300x192Google analytics:- It’s best analytic software I have ever used it gives info from as low as gender,age to conversion without even visiting the analytic site,Thus saving a lot of pain and time and you can focus on the site.They also have an option for google analytics dashboard so why to go to analytics website when this plugin integrated analytics in your WordPress dashboard.You must have it.





  • Wp touch:-Another WordPress cool software,for some theme mobile optimization, is not done and are not responsive here,WP touch kicks in giving you best custom paid and free themes which appear exclusively for mobile devices making it google lover and site rank booster.You can have a pre-optimised responsive site but if you just want to customize the design or have one theme for Desktop and other for mobile then you should really try for this.


  • contact-form-300x206Contact form:-As the name suggest it gives guest visitors on your site an opportunity to communicate with you via this directly sends this data to your mail boxing thus completing the chain of viewers and publishers.This is an extremly useful tool for Enterprise website or company blog’s as it allows communication to the system and plus it’s very easy to access and read those messages from admin area.



  • nextgen-gallery-300x97Nextgen gallery
    :-It  is a nice cool plugin which manages all you media,pics data into its database for easy utility in photos,to create galleries and the slide show of your progress.As  you can see image beside , how attractive and beautiful this plugin makes your website to attract more viewers to your website.

  • Visual-Composer-for-WordPress-300x153Wp Bakery Visual Composer
    :- This is The plugin You Must have,It gives your written article a visual way to edit,modify info,like picture should be to the right top then advertisement to the left and in between text,etc.It is the coolest plugin I have ever used.This might be for arranging stuff on your website or making correct spacing in content this job is extremely well done by this plugin plus it’s WYSIWYG editor meaning what you see is what you get.


  • wordfence-300x97Word fence:- It is security plugin to make your site proof from hacker and cracker.It prevents irregular access to IP address and IP bots who try to slow down your site by massive requests to server or its stops cross-site scripting along with that is also protects WordPress login system and much more.


  • wp-super-cache-3-1-300x156Wp super cache-Yet another cache plugin which stores temporary file in cache and delivers to visitors fast,quick and efficiently so that server bandwidth along with server requests and website load time is saved, it also keeps frequently used resources like CSS,etc cached on client side thus making client-side web page loading faster as they go on browsing.


  • addthis-03-300x189Share button by add to any:-this allows users to share the site on tweeter,Facebook but not only these but whats app,yahoo and much more.!!This plugin is mandatory if you want to increase your social media sharing and publicizing blog, I don’t have yet see any other plugin which is equivalent to this plugin and free of cost to use.



Hope you like the posts.Thanks.

Do install this WordPress plugins


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