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Image editing online has been the most prevalent activity within multi-media that has captured the imagination of casual users. From cartooning photographs to experimenting with HDR photography, there is possibly no limit to what a web-based application can do. However, with respect to high-end photo editing which is on par with Photoshop, there are limited options. And the usual ones are nearly incomprehensible to newcomers who don’t have a ready familiarity with the process of photo editing.We have filtered down many online options to a select few so you can edit any photo to look its best.

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Pixar Editor 

This Editor is amongst one the best online image editing options  currently
available on the web. The free online app takes the best of image  design and paint tools to enhance any photo editing project. With  its intuitive layout of toolbars and layer panels, the bulk of the  screen real estate is dedicated to the working image. The ability to  layer images and designs, along with its powerful arsenal of filters,  effects, adjustment levels and photography fixes, the tool matches  up on all counts for users. Finished images can easily be  downloaded and then directly shared on social media or other online storage locations.


Fotor is a combo web service that not only helps edit  photographs but is permeated on mobile devices to help make  instant colleges and filtered pies on the go. The online web  mode is a refreshing change as it instantly uploads and gets  you to a clean workspace in seconds. Apart from an advert  popup, the rest of the screen is unobstructed with clean  buttoned options. Photographs can be uploaded either from  your computer or various online sources like Dropbox,  Facebook, Flickr, Picasa or websites. You can even use your  webcam to take a photo for edit. The various options can easily take you from a simple photo to its HDR conversion, or portraits which can be enhanced under the Beauty button. The tools are simple and reflexive to use giving you fairly good results very quickly. The effect options are plentiful and will keep you busy experimenting with different styles. Overall Fotor does a good job as a basic photo editor. is the only free web-based photo editing app that is  oriented towards serious photographers. The service  makes a good case for its skills as it allows for RAW photo  images to be uploaded and edited on its website.Using the  WebGL framework technology the web service is able to  use the graphics card of your machine through the browser  to get the required power to edit RAW files. The layout and  design of the working area are fairly elegant with the screen dedicated to the image with tools neatly organised on the sides in an unobstructed semi-transparent panel. The online service is also collaborative so you can work alongside people to edit and get the review of changes. is tied into your Google Drive for online storage needs and has a large enough data storage to allow for most users needs. The tools do a good job nearly at par with Lightroom, however, there are still occasional glitches that can slow down the workflow. This is expected to be resolved soon with more features and functionality being added as time goes on.

Google+ Photo Edit

Give Google existence everyone has on the Internet it isn’t  surprising that Google would offer an online image editing  service as well. The Photo edit option is a part of your Google+  account where you can upload and store  images, now with a  new Edit option in the images gallery. This editing service  comes after the popular Picnik service for image editing was  acquired by Google in 2013. For now Google+ Photo Edit does a  reasonable job in letting users make quick changes to  photographs using Instagram like filters alit I also making detailed changes. The auto features do a decent job but you eat also explore the fine tuning options to adjust brightness and contrast, and sharpness and structure, which along with handy sliders also have a twice( ion of presets to choose from to make things easier. The interesting tool is of Selective editing which lets you pick any part of the image as a reference and make alterations from there – it takes getting use to but gives surprisingly good results once you get the hang of it.

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