Ultimate 5 highest paying URL shortner(Expert advice)


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When we are posting links on Whatsapp, facebook,tweeter there is a way we can legitimately earn from out link.Whenever we have large links we usually prefer to shorten them using Bit.ly or goo.gl instead what is we could shorten them with ads monetizing the website.You must have surely seen some of them somewhere on the web, when you click on the link a short web page with skipped banner appears, that’s it.That what we want to achieve.

Here are some of my top review based shortening service that I have made money from them.

Rank 1 :- Shorte.st

Shorte.st link ShortnerIt is by far best link shortening service I have ever used in my life.It consistently pays you high personally speaking I had a CPM of 3-6$  mostly 5$ for monetising my links.The only thing is at first when you start using this service never send some cheap china traffic or Autobots through link  or CPM will drop to about 0.01$.They pay in the first week of the month and are quite reliable and safe to work with.Join

Join shortest Here

Rank 2 :- Adfoc.us 

Adfocus Link ShorteningIt is ranked second on my list, they too have same privacy policies the reason I have put them in the second rank is CPM rates, after all, we are a monetising link to earn some money their CPM based on me range from 1-2$.Other than that if  their service it quite good but their user interface at site sucks there is no proper tracking and it is quite hard for the first timer to get acquainted with the system.But coolest feature they have on their site is they pay in BitCoin as a second option and are the only one in the market with the only numerical short link.

If you want to Join Click here.

Rank 3 :- Link Shrink .net 

Linkshrink Url shorteningI ranked it third based on my experiences, it has the nice user interface, About same rated as adfoc.us and has nice potential to earn a handsome income but where it lacks is it does not have all countries listed in it so for some  countries you might not receive an earning even though they visit your site.

If you want to join this site click here.

Rank 4 :- Linkbucks.com

Link bucks Url ShorteningThe name seems awesome but they are ranked fourth according to me due to a lot of problems in their website.They do have an awesome user interface, actually, its user interface sucks, another thing is like link shrink they don’t accept traffic from all countries and on top of that those countries can’t even create an account on their website.Being an Indian I am also not able to open an account on their website.I Would not recommend going Asian countries to it.But the US and Other countries for sure can join those and earn a lot.

If want to join this site click here.

Rank 5 :- Adf.ly

adfly url Shortening This is link shortening service is really amazing they give very high payout rates, but they too lack some points.Personnel before getting from India they were paying me about 10$ CPM minimum which was extremly cool.But after most of the Asian countries and some European countries banned it from the web directories, it has been the crisis on them.They now accept traffic only from few countries but rates are same.And If you stay outside as this is the best way to earn online.They pay really good, their User interface is best and with a little effort, you can earn a lot.

Conclusion based on my Analysis:-

If you really legitimately wanna earn big sums of money then Short.et is best and if you wanna earn quick small sums of money and you stay outside Asia then Adf.ly is for you.

I Think that summarises and clears yours perspective towards which Link shortening service you must use to earn long and lots.

Have a nice day.



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