What is Tor project?Should we use?


So now a trending subject oon web security forums is what is Tor??  And why to use it?

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Well So Tor is Network of web servers,proxies and relay devices around the world.What they do?They are mainly used to act like anonymous person on web.The Tor network comprise of  .onion like .com website that can be access only through Tor client browser.Well can also browse normal websites too but you are like invisible man on web.

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You cookies,browsing behaviour especially tracked by google,Retargetting advertisement and much more cannot track the person.SO in a way according to official Tor website, they aim at defending a person from  traffic analysis, a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security.

And by the way tor project also provides command line terminal services that gives you anonymous ssh access to web servers,computer,etc and is mostly popular in hacker world to hack websites.

So by using Tor google  or website even web cannot know Who is surfing.A cool way to play hollow man 3 with web.Download Tor browser  from over here and use it.No need to sign up or anything like that.Download and play

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work infrastructure of tor



Basically from a PC we request from tor browser a website,which (actual request ) is passed on to numerous computer interlinked and then from the last computer of the chain it is requested to server,then server send response(webpage) to last computer which inter passes only rendered page or website to before 2nd last computer and like that … to our computer.In this server thinks that the response is from last computer in chain but it is not.Check this diagram for better understanding!

Enjoy!Try is out and have fun.



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