Why linux is used for Hacking??


So now a day we are entering digital era, our cars have a computer, phones have computers and even TVs too.So the most genuine question arises which OS do they Run?And the answer is Linux!Android itself is Linux kernel based!

So now for cracking- a system we can use macintosh and windows too?

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First of all, Linux was invented in around 1990s by a well know man Linus Torvald and he made it publicly open source in 1998 allowing 1000s of people to work on it.So being still a latecomer this Os is at top as many extremely brilliant people had worked on it and hence is more advance in all aspects of the field.

First of all hacking is based on many categories now a day almost 96% computer in world run on Linux even your tiny android is a Linux kernel based device.So generally, let’s say you want to hack an application what you will do you will see what is the application you are trying to hack and on what OS it is running in many cases Linux.

But it does matter nowadays because as the world is becoming global and international all application  is cross platform running; meaning as an application runs on Linux same runs on windows and macs, hence, this removes the need to have an Operating system based hacking device specifically for that OS.SO if Linux hacker can hack Mozilla on mac OS so it can on windows and so forth; as running code behind the app is nearly same.

This means you can use windows to hack Linux for the specific application but as a hacker you need to be the anonymous invisible guy on web and windows and mac are not as good as hiding and protecting you as Linux.

Hence to conclude Linux

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As mentioned above Linux is the advance in all aspects of software computing hence all means hacking tools too.Many features which are not available in any other OS are available.Plus it has a Huge community to solve the problem and they really roll out new OS versions about in 6 months which is really cool.With Linux, you can literally do anything if know how to use and nothing if don’t know complex commands in it.Approximately 96% computer is worlds including android run Linux and 99% supercomputers in world use Linux. So if want to do some really hacking Linux and its Unix language learning is extremely essential.

And the best of Linux being open source you can literally tweak your operating system as per your need, like running it on ARM Processors and so forth and software remolding makes the job so easy to automate hacking that simply can be done on windows and mac.Plus Linux never hangs out, slow and is always optimal performer in its class, which makes hacking easy like if you’re trying to penetrate as the application starts you have to penetrate system before firewall loads and making quick entry in the kernel, Hence Linux is the most suitable choice.

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SO Learn Linux To Change Your World.Keep Linuxing!!!



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