Hacking? Why Linux is used for hacking?

Today’s computer,mobile devices, smartphone run on the operating system and as the devices are getting more and more digital risk for hacking is increasing day by day, nowadays fridge, watches,tv’s are becoming digital . I wouldn’t be amused if one day a toaster is running android.But all this was possible because of Linux.


Story of Linux?


Linux was invented by a guy named Linus Torvald in 1990 exclusively designed for hacker and nerd while putting  it for download he didn’t even care whether it had a good GUI all he wanted was to share what is invented with others same like him.But later in 1998, he open-sourced his operating system making it available to all general public under creative common alliance license free of cost, this is where the marketed started picking u. As you know there were windows and Macintosh but all were closed source and people wanted to experiment with something Linux was the first operating system included also in noncomputer applications like watches, phones. Being open source anyone can manipulate,add and even distribute it for commercial purpose hence open sources started an era and yet another by-products of this system were these hacker Linux.

Understanding the methodology behind why Linux is been used?

First, understand what hacking is? Hacking to be put in another word is stealing the user digital data without permission and if possible without knowing. SO first genuine question ,what if I am using windows or mac os , can then Linux be used? Well, it depends on of the application or data you are trying to hack, but as per my knowledge most devices are connected to the internet and all use the internet as a communicating language, but do you know the fact 96% servers in the world run on Linux os! And 98% supercomputers in the world use Linux too. Even that tiny Android phone you have is based on same Linux kernel .SO then internet comprises Linux and you are trying to hack using Linux in simple terms almost never fail and popular application writing programming languages like C,Java,etc are cross platform compatible hence the conclusion os this answer is, It doesn’t matter which Os is used for hacking.

SO why Windows or Macintosh are rarely used by the hacker?


See it all depends on application type , if you are not able to hack it using one Os why not try other, but still people usually try avoiding Windows and Macintosh as first of all they are closed source hence no one knows what code is running in background of system and second thing you might have heard is anonymity factor. Well, to be precise it’s very hard to be anonymous using these operating system plus being closed source you cannot modify,rectify or even find what is the problem with the system,hence Linux. Plus Linux makes hacker sound safe , other OS being closed source we have no idea actually government is spying or what’s in code whereas Linux has


  • Code reviews
  • Public forums
  • Linux Developers want it secure
  • Nothing to hide
  • Not-for-profit
  • Stability
  • A plain open honest OS

Coding in Linux?


If you’re trying to design a trojan,a key logger or something to hack into system as per my experience it’s lot simpler to code in Linux as far as bash scripting, running and testing programming, and most of all separate penetration testing systems like Kali Linux are designed with all the required to hack, that’s why open source technology is way cooler.

AS conclusion that is Why Linux is used for Hacking?

How passwords are hacked?Methods.

SO Learn Linux To Change Your World.Keep Linuxing!!!

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