Cheapest computer ever!Tiny Computer for 5$



Raspberry pi Zero

Yeah, you hear e.World’s cheapest computer record is broken by our beloved raspberry pi making a credit card-sized computer costing only 5 $.Unbeatable price with unbeatable performance.Before this record belonged to our chip computer costing only 9$ and yet comparatively near about same power in it.


The core of the Raspberry Pi Zero: – Broadcom BCM2835 – the same system on the chip found in the original Raspberry Pi.

Clocked at 1 GHz, – 40% faster than the Raspberry Pi 1.

RAM:- 512 MB

standard 40-pin header is included.

Micro HDMI Jack Instead of Normal size

2 micro USB Jacks(1 for power and other for OTG)

Micro SD Card Slot


Our beloved Raspberry pi is now compacted even more but some features are removed from it.Like


No ribbon cable connector

No ethernet connector(Although you could use USB Ethernet connector adapter)

No normal sized USB ports meaning need to but USB hub with micro USB cable support.

No Audio video jack


But still overall it is faster then raspberry pi A,B, A+ and B+.And most of all 5$ will open possibilities usage.Funny in future there will be such a type of computer in the toaster. SO buy it and use it!Right, it is available only on element14.

But still ultimate question remains is it viable  to but such kind of PC and lets think about cost,

Rasp pi:-  5$

Shipping:- 5$

Mini HDMI cable 15$

SD card:- 2$

Total of 27$ assuming that you already have Bluetooth keyboard.

Instead, I would recommend you buying Chip mini it is 9$ PC Which comes with build in Connectors Ram, Rom and much more.

But for cool embedded application Pi zero is good choice but for Using it on a day to day PC Not so good.




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